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Genius Wireless TwinTouch Optical OfficeA4Tech KBS-2548RP (RFKBS-25+RFSOP-48), KBS-2548RPCGenius TwinTouch SEGenius TwinTouch LuxeMate ProGenius TwinTouch LuxeMateGenius TwinTouch 19eNBGenius TwinTouch 16eGenius SlimStar R610Genius SlimStar 820 SolargizerGenius SlimStar 600 LaserGenius Luxemate R3100Yakumo Cordless Double IIGenius LuxeMate 3000Yakumo Cordless DoubleGenius KB 600 BlackGenius ErgoMedia R800Genius ErgoMedia R710A4Tech KBS-6135BPGenius EasyTouch OpticalA4Tech KBS-827, KB-827, KBS-835, KB-835Genius Wireless 2.4G TwinTouch+A4Tech KB (S)-835R (RFKBSTX-8+RFSW-35), KBS-827R (RFKBSTX-8+RFSW-27)Genius SlimMate 3000A4Tech KB-15533R, KB-15533R, KB (S)-1527R (RFKB (S)-15+RFSW-27)Genius Wireless TwinTouch+A4Tech KBS-535RP, KB-535RP, KBS-527RP, KB-527RPA4Tech KB (S)-827RP, KB (S)-835RP, KB (S)-8533RP (RFKBSTX-8 + RFSWOP533)A4Tech KBS-15533RP, KB-15533RP, KBS-1527RP, KB-1527RPA4Tech KBS-6357RPA4Tech KBS-21533RP, KB-21533RP, KBSA-21533RPA4Tech KBS-2348RP (RFKBS-23+RFSOP-48)A4Tech KBS-2750ZRP, KBS-2755ZRP (RFKBS-27+RFSOP-55)A4Tech KBS-26B5RP (RFKBS-26+RBW-5)A4Tech KBS-2380RP (RFKBS-23+RFSOP-80)A4Tech KBS-2580RP (RFKBS-25+RFSOP-80A4Tech KB (S) (A)-21535RP (RFKBS-21+RFSOP-535)A4Tech KBS-2550ZRPGenius UniversalA4Tech KBS-2350ZRP (RFKBS-23+RSOP-50Genius Wireless TwinTouch+A4Tech KBS-2150ZRPGenius Wireless TwinTouch+ Optical ValueA4Tech KBS-2680RP (RFKBS-26+RFSOP-80)ECS KM400-M2Auslinx AL-56SURCTX RFKB-21Microstar 848P Neo-SZoltrix WirelessLAN USB AdapterMicrostar RX1900XTSIS 6215aoZoom PC Card 56K Dualmode 2975-xx-xxL and 2975-xx-xxMRitmix RF-4000Microstar FX5200-VTD128Microstar RS3M-ILWyse 1200le PluseMicrostar MS-6351ASUS A7N266-EDigital Research Technologies Yamaha YMFMicrostar KM4M-VASUS My Cinema-U3100Mini/DMB-TH

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