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Dynamic Link Library can be described as a set of commands or parts of a program that are launched in response to main program's request. DLLs are essential parts of drivers for specific equipment such as printers or scanners. DLL program is generally recognized as DLL file.

DLL files have become a standard these days as they bear a series of undoubted advantages. DLL files are not activated until the need in them appears. Such approach is truly resource saving as more RAM is left for your work. Let's say, you use Microsoft Word to edit a text document. Obviously, you don’t need a printer or scanner at the moment. However, when a need to print a document appears, Word will automatically load DLL file that is responsible for printer work and then will perform your task. These types of files can be easily recognized as they all have .dll extension. As you can see from DLL definition, these files have a dynamic type of connection with the program they’re attached to. The files are loaded for a short period of time – the operation itself. Once it’s done, DLL files are excluded from computer’s memory. As usually several DLL files are applied, they form what we call library.

DLL ocx broken or missing files is one of the most widespread PC errors. Unfortunately, often one small file has a crucial impact on whole system, so it's important to keep your DLLs in working condition. Our luck these files can be easily replaced, so if you suffer from any problems connected with DLL work, the safest and simplest way is to download the file you need from our catalogue. You can enjoy free DLL downloads for Windows XP, Vista and other popular OS.